About Us

Welcome to Bakery Hive in Raipur, where our passion for baking comes to life in every delicious cake. Our journey begins with a deep love for baking, aiming to bring smiles to the faces of our customers in Raipur. The Bakery Hive team is not just a group of bakers; we’re a passionate and creative hive, constantly exploring diverse flavors and textures in our cakes.

From classic recipes to innovative creations, we pour our hearts into every design, ensuring that each item at Bakery Hive in Raipur is handmade with love and attention. Our commitment to quality extends beyond our choice of ingredients—we strive to source locally whenever possible, telling a story of flavors, creativity, and dedication with every bite.

Bakery Hive in Raipur is proud to serve you our signature cakes, pastries, and brownies, perfect for every occasion that deserves a touch of sweetness and a guaranteed smile on your face.

We firmly believe in the power of sweets to bring people together. At Bakery Hive in Raipur, we transcend being just a bakery; we are a hive of baking enthusiasts, a community that shares a deep love for all things sweet. Our goal is to connect with you, create lasting memories, and be a part of the special moments in your life. Join us at Bakery Hive in Raipur, where sweetness meets celebration!


Natural ingredients

At Bakery Hive , we pride ourselves on the exclusive use of natural ingredients, placing a high priority on quality in our baked goods. The tight-knit Bakery Hive community in Raipur stands resolute in our commitment to deliver the freshest and finest products to our valued customers.


At Bakery Hive, we actively pursue creativity by venturing into new flavors, reimagining classic recipes as innovative creations, experimenting with unique ingredient combinations, and presenting imaginative cake and cupcake decorations.

Freshness Guaranteed

In Bakery Hive, our bakery team is committed to baking regularly, ensuring customers consistently enjoy fresh and delicious cakes. We place great importance on utilizing high-quality ingredients, and with our steadfast dedication, you can rely on every bite from Bakery Hive to be a truly delightful experience

personal touch

Acknowledging the distinctiveness of every occasion, Bakery Hive provides an array of cakes and pastries customized for each customer’s special moments. At Bakery Hive, your special occasion becomes our personal commitment.

Team Members

Chef Nisha is expert in baking cakes and cupcakes. she tries to make every cake according to the needs and taste of  customer..she also tries to combine different flovours to make a delicious cake.


Chef Aman is very talented in designing of cakes and cupcakes .he tries  something new for their customer 


A master of flavors chef Rohit loves experimenting with unique combination .His innovative and creative approach to cake making results in delightful suprises for customers